4 Reasons To Get Your Carpet Protected by the Pros…

If you’ve been enjoying your carpet for a few years, it’s time to get that carpet protected Again.
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So What is Carpet Protection?

Pro-Care Technician applies stain protection to area rug

When carpet is newly installed, it is already treated with the manufacturer’s applied protection. That’s why homeowners do not need to have a new carpet protected. In fact, customers should avoid any service company that tries to convince them otherwise. But all it takes is a few deep cleanings – or a significant amount of foot traffic – to remove the manufacturer’s protective layer from their products. That leaves your flooring vulnerable to everyday damage and more serious spots and spills. That’s why, a year or two after installation, it is time to consider applied protection to lengthen the life of your carpet.

Carpet manufacturers require that customers have their carpets cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months, to preserve the coverage of their warranties. So even if a carpet has modest traffic, once it undergoes two or more professional cleanings, that carpet needs a protective reboot. Are you on the fence about getting your carpet protected? Many carpet owners question whether protection is worth the time and the cost. Let us provide a few reasons to make this investment.

Carpet Protection Minimizes Spots and Stains

Red wine spilled on beige carpet.

All it takes to ruin a great looking carpet is an ugly spot. These days, with light-colored carpet being so ‘on trend,’ it doesn’t take much to show spills as well as ground-in dirt. And unprotected carpet has a hard time repelling spillage. When homeowners get their carpet protected, spots and spills are more easily removed or minimized. What’s more, protection can keep carpet from being marred by a permanent stain.

Stains aside, the easier a spot is to remove, the less cleaning product has to be applied to your carpet. The less scrubbing – and the pros know you should never scrub – the less damage is likely to occur to the fibers. When an accident happens, the protection buys a homeowner time to respond and blot up the spillage. Protection also insures better cleaning results. Many spots can be removed easily with just water.

Protection Helps Save High-Traffic Zones from the Worst Damage

Traffic paths, can occur in heavy use areas of our homes. It is usually a mix of soil and structural damage.

Most homeowners vacuum their carpet to remove visible dirt and debris. But the worst offender is that sneaky granular soil that destroys carpet under the surface. Traffic area soil is very abrasive and cuts carpet yarns like a knife. Traffic paths can be cleaned but the abrasion dullness left behind cannot be cleaned away.

The key is keeping that sharp soil from bonding to the carpet fibers. When you apply protector, you increase the life of your carpet dramatically. By applying protector you insure vacuuming efforts are much more effective. That makes sure you remove the dirt you can’t see as well as the dirt you can.

Protection Gives Professional Carpet Cleaners Better Results

Homeowners need to realize that their carpets require professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain their manufacturer warranty. That said, deep cleaning does remove manufacturer protection, over time. Once your carpet has had a few professional cleanings, it is time to apply a new protective layer. Also, having your carpet protected guarantees that more soil will be removed the next time that carpet is professionally cleaned.

Technician extracts ivory carpet in client's home.

Protected Carpet Requires Fewer Costly Service Calls

Let us first say that some spots and spills may be able to be blotted up with water and a white cloth. Protected carpet will respond better to these gentle efforts than carpet that has lost its protectve qualities over time. If you are happy with your results, you’ve just saved yourself from scheduling and paying for a service call. Keep in mind, though that some spots do not respond to a everyday cleaning attempts. Make sure to call trustworty professionals to handle any spot you cannot easily remove yourself. Need help finding a good carpet cleaning company? We have tips for that too. Oh, and never scrub or rub a spot. You might grind in the discoloration to the point it cannot be removed, or accidentally fray the carpet fibers.

Want Your Carpet to Look Better and Last Longer?

Pro-Care Tech Applies Fiber Protector to flooring.

Carpet is more pocket friendly than some luxury flooring but it is still a big investment. If you spring for a good-quality product, you are probably planning for it to last more than a year or two. And it all comes down to the quality of the maintenance used to keep that carpet in good condition and the effectiveness of the protectant applied to the carpet’s surface.

When a carpet is first installed, the fibers have been treated to a protective layer by the manufacturer. That protectant degrades over time and use. While the carpet is an up-front expense, it also demands ongoing investments in care and cleaning. If you are going to pay to have your carpet professionally cleaned, why not insure that that cleaning is as successful as possible?

How often should protection be applied to carpet? The short answer has to do with how heavily the carpet is used and how often it is professionally cleaned. Professional companies suggest an application every 18-24 months, with more frequent protection in the high traffic zones. It is really about extending the life and enhancing the look of your flooring. What’s the old phrase? Protect it and forget it. Better yet, protect it then live on it – every day. Let your kids and pets enjoy that soft surface. Enjoy the feel of carpet beneath your bare feet. And when that rare spill occurs, relax – and blot. You’ll be so happy you made that extra investment in the life of your carpet.

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