John Browning

John Browning was cleaning carpets before he could drive. In fact he grew up in the trade, helping his father with Anne’s Carpet Cleaning, the family business, through his school years. In 1989 he signed on with W.W. Grainger where he stayed for eight years and where he met Lisa, who would become his wife. John started a small carpet cleaning company in 1997. Meanwhile, across town, Jim Kirkpatrick was growing his own carpet care business, Pro-Care, which he started in 1995. John bought Pro-Care in ’99 and the company has flourished ever since. Looking back, Browning remembers that after years of textile care experience he still had to learn how to be the sort of business man that could lead, market, and manage daily operations. Now, when he is asked what he likes about being president, John says he most enjoys creating a positive culture in the company and around the office, knowing that this guarantees our clients an outstanding service experience. When in the office, John covers all areas of service, from manning the phones, to prepping equipment and keeping up with correspondence. As busy as he is, between tasks he is known to cut up with the administrative team and staff. When not on the clock, John prioritizes time with his family, and likes to putter around his home workshop or ride his bike.