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Pro-Care offers Pro Seal carpet protector, the best carpet protection in Nashville.

To complement the Pro-Care cleaning program, we offer Pro-Seal Carpet Protector. This application assures you the best carpet protection possible. Protection guards against stains, spills and soiling generally associated with wear and tear. This includes pet stains, grass stains, blood stains, coffee stains, wine stains and other life stains. Pro-Seal has two protective layers/ingredients.

The first is an acid dye blocker that is basically a clear dye that fills the extra dye sites in a fiber. This helps to keep “foreign” dyes (such as red dye in a beverage) from penetrating the carpet fiber.

The second layer/ingredient is called a fluorochemical. This treatment makes carpets more resistant to dry soil damage. It also delays the migration of spills to the acid dye blocker. Though it is not necessary, having Pro-Seal applied after every professional cleaning will help you get the longest life out of your carpet.

Two Primary Ways That Carpet Protector Is Removed From A Carpet:

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1. Regular foot traffic. Over a period of 6 months to 2 years, depending on the traffic, a significant amount of protector can be removed from your traffic areas and needs to be reapplied.

2. High alkaline cleaner. Uninformed, uneducated or unethical carpet cleaners can use harsh chemicals on the carpet that will strip its protection.

Note: Professional carpet cleanings (usually every 12-18 months) help protect your carpet warranty. As long as the cleaning solution used is correctly ph balanced and the protocols meet manufacturer recommendations, protection may not be necessary after every cleaning.

Four Mistakes Other Cleaners Make In Applying Carpet Protector:

1. Not using high quality protector. Discount protectors are not as effective and sometimes void the carpet warranty. Our company uses only the highest quality, recommended protectors.

2. Not using a dedicated container. Using the same container for carpet protector as other cleaners can contaminate the carpet protector making it gummy and ineffective. Our vans have a dedicated container reserved ONLY for carpet protector.

3. Not applying the product properly. Some cleaners either under apply or over apply carpet protector. Under applying it doesn’t allow for complete penetration of the carpet yarns. Over applying it causes the carpet to become overly stiff and crusty. Our company technicians are diligently trained for proper application of  carpet protection.

4. Not grooming the carpet. For the best performance, the product should be groomed into the carpet for maximum penetration. This ensures contact with all surfaces of the carpet yarn and proper distribution and drying. Our company thoroughly grooms the protector into the carpet pile.

Six Reasons You Should Always Get Carpet Protector:

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1. Reduces permanent stains. A great looking carpet can be ruined by an ugly spot. Unprotected carpet doesn’t repel spills as well as protected carpet does. Protector will allow you to remove spots and spills more effectively, therefore helping you to avoid permanent staining.

2. Helps save your traffic areas from becoming destroyed. Traffic area soil is very abrasive. Over time, it will cut carpet yarns like a knife. This damaging soil can easily bond to an unprotected carpet. By applying protector, you will increase the life of your carpet dramatically. When you vacuum your protected carpet, the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively.

3. Make spots easier to remove. The easier a spot is to remove, the less cleaner you will have to use, the less agitation you will have to use and the less time it will take. Many spots can be removed easily with just water.

4. Makes your next professional cleaning more effective. Having protector applied to your carpet will enhance your next cleaning. More soil will be removed the next time your carpeting is professionally cleaned.

5. Helps avoid costly service calls. Although you want to call us to handle any spot you cannot remove immediately, carpet protector helps you remove more spots than you could without protector. You may be able to save a minimum charge by removing the spot yourself.

6.Your carpet will look better and last longer with carpet protection.

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Carpet Protector will allow you to remove spots and spills more effectively, therefore helping you to avoid permanent stains.