Don’t Miss These Top Six Trends in Tile for 2024

Since its comeback in the early 2000’s, tile is showing up with fresh shapes, colors, patterns and textures. This year, we’ll be seeing a return of graphic contrasts and natural themes, along with refreshed and retro palettes, dramatic installations and handmade authenticity.

A wrapped installation is one of the newest trends in tile and makes for a stunning focal point in a contemporary bathroom.

After 2023’s hardsurface stylings, the top tile trends for 2024 are set to combine innovation and style for a serious impact on interior aesthetics. Maybe you’ve found yourself pondering the possibilities for your home’s next hard-surface project. If so, you’re in for a treat.  This year promises a delightful array of trends in tile. Expect to see bold geometric patterns and nature-inspired murals. Trending too are handmade textures and saturate color schemes.  For seasoned designers and homeowners with an eye for detail, these wide-ranging styles will pique industry interest and provide inspiration for that kitchen, bathroom, entry or flex space.  No matter the application, our renewed love of all things tile shows no signs of slowing. Let’s consider the cutting edge looks that are taking the tile landscape by storm in 2024.

Trending Terracottas

Everything old is new again. That includes old-world aesthetics. After years of cool neutrals and white-on-white color schemes, 2024 design is looking for warmer, more tactile surfaces. Terracotta and other fired clay tiles are one of the standout trends of 2024. The Italian term, terracotta, literally means baked earth.  It is probably the most recognized name among the many fired clay products sourced across the the globe. Other clay-based  tiles go by names like Zellige (from Morocco) and Saltillo (from Mexico). Granted, terracotta is associated with that chalky red-brown hue. However, it also comes in a wide range of neutrals, from yellow to deep red to pink.

Fired clay products like Zellige can come in a wide spectrum of color.However, the warm tones of natural terracotta may not suit your decor. If you still want that textured, irregular look, you can find Zellige tiles in a range of colors. This product’s hues, including deep blue, green, grey, black, purple and light neutrals, are achieved with glazes, oxidization and a variety of finishes. Options are available in matte natural looks or in high gloss glazes. Either way, you’ll find that the variations in the depth and texture of these tiles will bring a sense of authenticity and character to any room. So, whether you’re envisioning a rustic kitchen, a vibrant focal wall, or even a trendy bathroom, fired clay tiles offer a versatility that works the room. Explore this trend, and let your floors and walls tell a story of tradition and contemporary style in 2024.

Handmade Comes Home

The focus on terracotta makes for a perfect transition to the hand-crafted look.  Indeed, “made-by-hand” is one of 2024’s most interesting trends in tile. For the last two decades, we’ve seen a lot of sleek and uniform surfaces in residential and commercial design. Think of stainlesss steel appliances or the touch screen of your cell phone. Truly, buyers are ready for a change. It’s time to embark on a tactile adventure with the 2024 trend of textured and handmade tiles.

Handcrafted tile is labor-intensive.

The charm of this look lies in the details and the unique touch of craftsmanship. It’s an example of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, the perfection in the imperfect. Picture walls covered in tiles bearing the imprint of a craftsman’s touch. Imagine floors that invite you to feel the intricate patterns beneath your feet. These textured and dimensional tiles go beyond mere aesthetics.  In fact, they create a sensory experience that adds character and individuality to your home or business.

Handcrafted looks like this textured green Zellige tile, add warmth and character to a backsplash.Looking to go green with this project? You may want to consider a more sustainable and local investment and buy directly from bespoke tile creators, like Red Rock Tileworks in Nashville, Tennessee. You’ll be able to create a look that is absolutely unique.  If you have a limited budget, you can also compromise. It is possible to buy your main tile from a big box stores, then choose an accent tile from a local vendor. However you do it, dive into this trend and discover a world where each tile is a testament to the human touch.

Pattern Re-Invented

Do patterned looks keep pride of place in 2024’s top trends in tile line-up?  Absolutely! This year, we’re seeing a combination of “Patterned Tiles and Tiled Patterns.”  By that, we mean a change in the patterns appearing on individual tiles and the choice to create patterns with solid tile choices, updating the classic mosaic look. Watch for a subtle shift away from the stencil-style Moroccan looks of the past five years. The newest patterns are going big, with full-wall accent murals and dramatic abstract surfaces. It is no surprise then that tiles with Art Deco stylings remain popular but Mid-century and 1970’s color schemes and graphics are coming on strong.

Talk about a statement piece. This installation combines the large-scale pattern with mosaic contruction, both trends in tile for 2024

A simple change in orientation, dimension and shape this year make for an impact on pattern too.  Though horizontal subway tile laid in a ‘brick set’ or ‘running bond’ pattern will always be a classic go-to, 2024 is shifting those oblong tiles into a “straight set” or “straight stacked” vertical application. Meanwhile, larger scale hexagon tiles are seeing a resurgence.  Patterns are going maximalist in scale or else modern with geometry and color blocking that evokes a pixelated effect. Complementing the more restrained stylings of checkerboard and herringbone installations are chunkier, chippy surfaces and complex tesselation patterns achieved with repeated geometric combinations. If you like patterns, you’ll find a huge variety of options in 2024.

Taking a Cue from Nature

Another of the big trends in tile for 2024 is courtesy of the great outdoors. Here, the allure of wood effect tile patterns and nature-inspired themes takes center stage. If you’ve ever wondered how to seamlessly blend the outdoors with your interior spaces, this trend is your golden ticket. The coming year brings nature into your home through tiles that mimic the richness of wood grains or tell a story of lush foliage and tranquil landscapes.

Natural tile motifs, like this wood pattern, warm up a white bathroom.

From rustic cabin aesthetics to modern eco-conscious designs, the possibilities are as vast as nature itself. In 2024, embrace the trend and let your living spaces flourish with the rejuvenating and grounding vibes inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Color is King

This saturate sapphire blue tile creates a statement in this luxurious shower installation.Get ready to infuse your spaces with a burst of energy as we delve into the 2024 trend of saturate jewel-tone and earth-tone colored tiles. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a bold statement with your interior design, look no further. This year, we’re witnessing a renaissance of rich, vibrant hues that not only captivate the eye but also evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication. Imagine jewel-like emeralds and sapphires or earthy ambers and rust-reds adorning your floors or walls. Whether you’re drawn to the deep, grounding tones inspired by nature or the luxurious and playful jewel tones, these tiles offer an opportunity to showcase your personality and elevate your design aesthetic.

Color-blocking and color-drenching are 2024 trends in tile. They both have a dramatic impact on interior spaces.

Love drama but think that patterns are too busy?  That’s where “color drenching” andcolor blocking” can be your go-to. Color drenching is the use of strong color on multiple adjoining surfaces, as in a kitchen that uses the same color family on the backsplash, cabinets and floor.  Color blocking is a slightly less intensive approach, where color is applied as an accent – like a saturate shower surround, a tiled island, or a dramatically “wrapped” wall-to-floor focal point. Let your spaces come alive with the bold, expressive hues that define 2024. It’s not just about tiles; it’s about creating a look that resonates with your style and leaves a lasting impression.


Turn to Stone

Terrazzo, another top trend in stile, comes in a wide range of color schemes that are created by the color of the binder material and of the chips, often of marble or granite.Stone is a timeless material and in 2024, terrazzo, onyx, and large format stone looks take center stage. If you’ve been curious about the next wave of surface trends, prepare to be dazzled. Terrazzo has reinvented itself with a modern twist. It is still created from chips of stone, glass, or tile mixed in concrete or epoxy resins. But the terrazzo tiles of 2024 are delving into vibrant color palettes and bolder aggregate choices, infusing this timeless material with a playful, contemporary edge.

Onyx and marble surfaces, loved for their elegant veining and translucent beauty, are making a grand comeback too. Designers are using stone to experiment with modern color drenching techniques or dramatic stand-alone feature walls.  With tones ranging from pink and forest green to greys, as well as black, white, and warm neutrals, stone has great versatility.

Large format stone tiles can create a huge design impact, especially when wrapped wall to floor.

What’s more, large format stone tiles are redefining the notion of pattern impact, with seamless surfaces that exude luxury and sophistication. This year invites you to reimagine your spaces, combining the rich history of stone in architecture with a fresh approach that celebrates the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Size, Shape, and Orientation Matter

Overlapping all these 2024 trends in tile is a new angle on scale and layout.  Tile size seems to be moving in diametrically opposed directions. On the one hand, designs built from small mosaic tiles result in a labor-intensive but stunning design feature. On the flip side, large-format tile is taking residential and commercial settings by storm. Their oversized scale lends these spaces both grandeur and drama.  Even the installation techniques for tile are shifting, as tile setters and designers specify the vertical energy of straight stacked and contemporary grid-like applications. Even the classic running-bond and chevron layouts are getting makeovers, paired with surprising materials, vibrant colors and a variety of finishes.

Why Tile?

If your tile needs more than just a sponge down, call the pros.

Tile will always be a popular surface choice. It is hardy overall, the optimal choice in both dry and wet spaces, and easy to maintain. That said, any tile performs best when regularly cleaned, and in the case of some surfaces, also sealed. Not every tile is equally suited to every application. Buyers should always do a little research. What works on a backsplash may be too fragile (or cost prohibitive) for a floor.

You want to know your tile, both the material it is made from and its recommended care.  Tile used in wet spaces get a particular kind of wear and tear. Understanding that helps a homeowner to choose the best surface material for a shower floor, for example. Remember too, a trustworthy local cleaning company can advise you on the needs of a stone floor or a ceramic one. Moreover, these pros can provide you with a range of services. Go into your tile project with open eyes and you won’t be ambushed by performance concerns or care requirements.

Prepare to be Beguiled by Tile

Kitchen and baths are a great place to enjoy tiles with big color.As the most  the fashion-forward tile design of 2023 gives way to the trends of 2024, hardsurface innovation awaits. Throughout 2023, we witnessed a surge in popularity for bold geometric designs and intricate patterns. In 2024, the trend continues its journey with a notable shift toward more daring installations and color palettes.

After decades focusing on kitchen and open-concept spaces, the world of interior design is shifting focus. A growing interest in state-of-the-art, contemporary bathrooms has tile fashion firing on all cylinders. To be sure, given the utilitarian role of bathrooms, they are the perect place to go big and bold. Ultimately, 2024 leans into dynamic and dramatic choices. keep an eye out for a mix of shapes, textures, and motifs that tell a unique story within each space.

What’s the upshot?  This year, expect the unexpected. You are sure to encounter surprising combinations, asymmetric stylings, modern mosaics, monochromatic color-drenching and a fusion of old materials with new applications. Ultimately, the coming year encourages design enthusiasts to break free of the safe and traditional while exploring new ways to use this versatile material. When it comes to the latest trends in tile, 2024 says the sky is the limit!


This vibrant, straight stacked outdoor tile installation, the sky's the limit.

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