Invest in Fabric Protector and Let Life Happen

Today’s fabric protectors have come a long way from that plastic cover on your grandma’s couch. But not all fabric protectors are created equal.

In the olden days, folks only had two fabric protector treatments to chose from – “Scotchgard” or “Teflon.” Now, homeowners have a host of products to consider when they are looking to protect their furnishings and carpet. Maybe you have an active family. Maybe you’ve just invested in a new (or newly cleaned) designer rug or sofa. Chances are, you’ll want to get a trustworthy stain guard applied before life happens to those big-ticket beauties.

Mom wrangles big family on sofa.

There is a difference between Protection Plans and Applied Fabric Protector.

For those in the process of buying new furniture, you’ve probably already encountered the “furniture protection plan” option. The idea behind a protection plan is that it is insurance for your furnishings. The plan covers certain types of damage to the item for a set period of time.

Like any insurance policy you want to understand exactly what you are getting for your money. Plans may cover the fabric but not the frame, or the cushion material but not the fabric. And pretty universally, if you do not buy the plan up front, once the delivery crew walks in with your new sofa, it is too late to add on the protection package.

Still, according to ZeusLiving, there are several important reasons to protect furnishings, whether it’s upholstery, area rugs, carpet or draperies. Across the board, homeowners have the same concerns. Most often they worry about damage caused by pets, children and clumsy guests.

Of course, is a difference between a protection plan and an applied protector.

A furniture retailer can apply their standard chemical protectant to your new sofa. But remember, you will not have a choice of what product they use. That doesn’t mean you have to go without a protective application. Shopping around can give you peace of mind. You want to find an independent company and a product that puts the health and the safety of your family first. After all, it’s your family who will be doing most of the living with and “on” the items you protect.

It comes down to this. Before we can truly live on our furnishings, we have to be sure they are as resilient as we are. That’s where a quality fabric protector can make all the difference. As HomeAdvisor explains, there are lots of protection products that promote do-it-yourself application. But there are advantages to hiring a Pro to seal your furniture, soft flooring, and window dressing fabrics.

Here are a few more reasons to consider applying protection to your furnishings.

Why Use a Fabric Protector?

Two reasons to use fabric protector on your furniture and rugs? Pizza and wine!

…Because it can be the first line of defense against the “oops” moments

Most homeowners fear the same sorts of damage to their furnishings. At the top of that list is spilled food or beverages, especially food with a greasy element or beverages with strong color like red wine or blue fruit juice. The best fabric protectors effectively shield against most oil and water based stains so that sloppy slice of pizza or that summer sangria is less likely to leave a lasting stain.

…Because it helps you with your cleaning routine

Life is easier when you can just blot up a spill. Fabric protectors are meant to provide a barrier between the soil and the surface. It even makes vacuuming more effective. Everyday dirt and dust particles are less likely to attach to the fibers of a rug or carpet once it is protected.

…Because it helps your furnishings last longer

The right fabric protector can prolong the life of your textiles. Whether it is a piece of upholstery, a fine rug, even those expensive accent pillows, protection reduces the impact of everyday damage. There are even fabric protectors that reduce sun-fading. That is a great bonus, especially if your ‘bonus’ room faces west or if you have a lot of windows in your living space.

Fabric protector gives professionals a fighting chance to clean spots and spills.

…Because it helps professional cleaners get best results

Every fabric or fiber type reacts differently to a spill. A high quality fabric protector gives professionals a fighting chance to release and remove spots left behind on your upholstery or rugs.

…Because it reduces the amount of chemicals needed for cleaning

No one likes the idea of using aggressive cleaning products in a family-friendly household. A good protector will penetrate beyond the surface of the fabric. This reduces the impact of wear and tear on the item while helping shield against the common sources of daily soiling. The right fabric protection product will allow professionals to use the mildest cleaning procedures to do their work.

A good fabric protector prevents the spread of bacteria and germs and makes your household safe for the littlest family members

…Because it can improve the health of your home

Amazingly, the best fabric protectors actually improve indoor air quality by keeping contaminants at bay. And when fibers are fully encapsulated, that prevents the spread of unwanted bacteria and germs. That means your sofa, area rug, drapery or pillows can be as family-friendly as they are beautiful.

The right fabric protector makes ‘living’ in your home easier.

So what do we mean when we say the “right” fabric protector? We mean a protector that is safe for your family, your home, and your furnishings. Again, not all fabric protectors are created equal. And some of the best-known protectants aren’t the safest. Check out this side by side comparison of protection products.

Granted, when you bring that new sectional home, spending more money on fabric protector may not be your first thought. But if you don’t apply a stain guard to that new investment, you’ll likely have second thoughts. All it takes is one red wine spill. Or an unscheduled art project. Or your furry friend tracking something through the house. Whatever the circumstances, one thing is for sure. Life just happens.

And when it happens, won’t you be happier if you can blot up the worst of it? With a little research, you can find the product that matches your needs and your lifestyle.

And with the right fabric protector, you’ll be able to do more ‘living’ in that living room.

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