I cannot say enough good things…

My mother recently suffered a stroke at her assisted living home, which required hospitalization and subsequent inpatient rehabilitation. I was seeking a company to clean her upholstered recliner chair and carpets at her apartment while she was hospitalized, and reached out to Pro Care for this task. I had used Pro Care at my home several years ago, so I knew they were a great company that could deliver an excellent product. Apparently, a lot of people know that now, because there was about a 2 week wait for a cleaning appointment! I signed up for the appointment and was offered a waiting list also, in case an appointment opened up sooner. I gladly accepted this offer, as it was going to be much easier to have the apartment cleaned while unoccupied, given that my mother is 84 years old.

Within a few days, I received a call for a cancellation, and took the appointment! However, when the crew arrived, they had some difficulty with an alarmed door that was supposed to be available for entrance to my mom’s apartment for the hoses and cleaning accessories. The crew was SO patient, but unfortunately had to be turned away because the facility could not get the door alarm to cooperate. I was so sad to lose my earlier appointment! Perry from Pro Care immediately called me on the Friday of a holiday weekend to offer his apologies (although it was not Pro Care’s fault AT ALL!) and was so gracious to add my mom’s appointment on to the next business day.

The crew did such a fabuluous job and made my mom’s chair and carpets look AMAZING!!! It was so clean and smelled so good! I was elated! Perry even called me to see if I was happy with the work performed. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of Pro Care’s work and the quality of the people that work there. I haven’t seen customer service like this in so many years. I highly recommend this company for any upholstery or carpet cleaning needs. Their prices are reasonable and their customer service is OUTSTANDING!

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