What a Fantastic Employee!

Johnathan was very professional and thorough. He gave me a great education when I asked him questions! NO one had ever told me to have my carpets professionally cleaned and protected at least once a year, especially if they were under warranty! Our bedroom area carpet rug has been in place since 2008, and had NEVER been professionally cleaned. Johnathan tried really hard to clean it, but (even though we are the only two people who really ever go in there) it is worn out from years of the same footpath pattern. He gave me advice when I asked for advice – I love to learn new things and appreciate learning how to better care for our home. He was not solicitous with his advice, whatsoever. I had received the recommendation for ProCare from a friend, and I am NOT disappointed! I am a fan of ProCare and of Johnathan! What a fantastic employee – y’all have a keeper! This is a survey I gladly filled! We will see y’all next year (if not sooner)! By the way, the orange scent in your cleaner is DIVINE! So natural smelling – y’all should sell it as a home freshening spray, too!

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