How To Prepare Your Home for Professional Furniture Cleaning

DO THESE 5 THINGS TO Get your home and family READY FOR A Professional Furniture CLEANING APpointment.
Professional furniture cleaning is a great way to preserve your upholstery and fine rugs.

1) Begin Your Furniture Cleaning Project with Research.

The first step towards getting the best care for your upholstery and rugs is selecting a quality cleaning company for the job. Luckily, it is easier than ever to vet a furniture cleaning company. Start with your local NextDoor postings. Look for referrals from friends and neighbors. Bring up the Google listing of the business under consideration.  You should find a Google ranking and link to reviews.

You will also want to check the company’s website for detailed information about their rug and upholstery cleaning services. Lastly, make sure to call the company with questions about their work.  You should come away from the conversation feeling confident that your concerns have been addressed. If you feel your call has been rushed or the information supplied seems vague, it is probably a good idea to take your business elsewhere.

Before your appointment, secure your pets to insure their safety.

2) Reserve the Cleaning Zone with these 4 Easy Steps.

When technicians can move freely and work without interruption, they get the best results. Here is how to insure an efficient in-home cleaning appointment.

First, make sure friends and family stay clear of the rooms to be serviced. For safety, keep an extra close eye on little ones while professionals are in your home.

Second, please secure your furry friends.  Put pets in a safe, quiet place, where they won’t be disturbed.

Third, make sure your cleaners have a place to park their van. Remember, the hoses they use will require easy access to your home. This means that the pros will have to prop open at least one exterior door during service. This is another good reason to keep your pets away from the work zone.

Fourth and lastly, avoid scheduling any other service companies while your professional cleaners are on-site. If there are professionals who must overlap your cleaning appointment, it is important to share the guidelines covered in this article.

By tidying the area around your furnishings, you allow the techs to have room to clean.

3) Make Sure Your Furniture is Fully Accessible for Cleaning.

Before your appointment, please clear furniture and rugs of personal belongings. Remove clutter –  including clothing, toys and electronics – so the technicians can work efficiently. Please secure all breakables and remove small furnishings like dining room chairs, ottomans, floor lamps, plants or accent tables. Clearing these items off of your rugs and away from your upholstery will insure the best outcomes.

Keep in mind too, it is common for cleaning companies to have limitations on what they can and cannot move. Due to liability, most cleaners will not move computer equipment, china cabinets, sectional sofas, entertainment centers, beds and antique or fragile furniture. However, pros can clean the rugs underneath such items as long as they have sufficient room. Otherwise, the technician can edge closely around the base of the largest pieces. Ultimately, your technicians can assess whether your rug can be cleaned in home or if it will benefit from special cleaning in a Professional Rug Plant.  Your cleaning company can explain more about those options when you call to schedule an appointment.

During the pre-inspection, the client can point out areas of concern to the cleaning professional.

4) Communicate Your Concerns to the Service Providers

Please plan to be on site at the beginning of your cleaning appointment. That way you can examine your furnishings with the technician before work begins. The pre-inspection is a very important step for every furniture cleaning service.  During the walk-through with your professional cleaner, you will have the chance to call attention to areas which may require special cleaning. Professionals appreciate when clients point out pre-existing spots, stains, soiling or defects on items.

Technicians will pay particular attention to any areas of concern on your upholstery that you point out.

5) Plan Ahead for Post-Appointment Concerns.

Lastly, make sure to set aside time for your rugs or furniture to dry fully before resuming use of the room. When possible, cleaning pros will set up air movers to improve drying time. Ask the technicians how long they advise you to stay off your rug or upholstery. You can expect a short-term timeframe for surface drying. However, a longer period will insure a deeper dry for enjoying that family sofa, hard-working sectional, or favorite rug. 

Remember too, your cleaning appointment is a great time to schedule fabric protection for your upholstery or rug.  Professional cleaners can talk you through their application process. The company website should also provide information about their protection services and products. If you are unsure of the advantages of protection, small, local cleaning companies like Pro-Care can offer some support in the decision-making process.

Pro Tip: After your cleaning appointment, always use extreme caution when walking from damp rugs or carpet onto any hard surface flooring. 

Clearing a space in preparation for upholstery cleaning helps technicians work more efficiently and keeps family members and pets safe.

Now It’s Your Turn to Help Someone Else Prepare! 

If you have a good cleaning experience, you can help other homeowners enjoy the same level of service. Contact local family and friends and tell them why you stand behind the company you used. Get on Google and add your input – please be specific and include comments on punctuality, professional appearance, courtesy, communication and outcomes.  Log into NextDoor and share your service story there, so your neighbors can feel confident choosing the same pros. And if the cleaning company you used reaches out for a testimonial, remember, the business will learn from any feedback you are willing to give.

It is up to clients like you to make sure trustworthy professionals serve more clients. And if you’ve had a negative experience, your reviews can guide folks away from the uneducated, uninformed and sometimes downright unscrupulous companies that spring up anywhere there is business to be had.

Now, schedule that furniture cleaning appointment with confidence.  And if you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area, we hope you will call Pro-Care and let us provide you and your family with the most outstanding service experience in the industry!

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